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2009年4月20日 星期一

Color forecasting of ralph lauren 2010-2011 winter3:time capsule

People like to look back,and remind the past time.
(especially with the bad situation like now...)
Time Capsule is somethings that people keep it and waiting to open in the future.
It's time to open the Capsule to look back.

*Old toy
* dullness

Rocking horse: reminding of childhood.
Full of ralph lauren classic feeling:


*Nature color
* Low Chroma
*crash color
**split complimentary

*analogous color

*analogous color

*Asia culute feeling

*crash color
*dynamic feeling
* Split Complements

*soft and dreamy

For Kid Collection:

* Constant Chroma

*analogous color

Color forecasting of ralph lauren 2010-2011 winter3::Grease

Grease is a great movie to review American culture:
Also people never forgot GREASE!!!

With the trend of vintage,this movie will be a great color story!

*nature and earthy colour
*complimentary color

*complmentary color

*rich color,luxuary feeling
*crash color

*cool creamy color
*youngful and reflesh feeling

*crash color scheme

Color forecasting of ralph lauren 2010-2011 winter2::Green Man

For Men collection:

Peopleare concerning about the
global warming,the environment of we living than before,
The trend about nature and misson to save earth have already appear.

Olive and Brown color is the best color for this topic.


*Cool colors

*warm and homey

Color forecasting of ralph lauren 2010-2011 winter1:pin-up girl &Cow girl

*image of America Vintage:
Include pin-up girl Illustration and cow girl illustration

*analogous color


*America West
*nature colour
*split complimentary

* Analogous color combination

*earthy tone
*crash color with white
*country feel
*Deep,rich colors.

2009年4月17日 星期五

colour inspire 07

I've took this picture in last summer..

2009年4月15日 星期三